Who we are

Marcopolo is a communications agency with over 30 years of experience serving the Turin area. Our primary areas of focus are B2B and sector associations.

However, our involvement in associations extends beyond a mere supplier/customer dynamic. We actively engage with various local entities, either as associates or in other forms, seeking to contribute to their endeavors. We offer our expertise to foster the exchange of ideas, promote knowledge dissemination on collaborative methodologies and emerging technologies, and support overall regional development, particularly emphasizing the growth of SMEs and startups.

We’ve distilled our identity and approach into three defining keywords: digital, open, and ready.

Digital, as we specialize in crafting, developing, and promoting bespoke digital ecosystems that effectively serve our clients’ needs;

Open, as we strive to embrace methodologies and approaches grounded in concepts like design thinking and human-centered design. These methodologies emphasize co-designing and attentive listening to our clients’ needs. Moreover, we consistently seek new synergies and collaborations;

Ready, because we remain vigilant, attuned to the stimuli and inputs from both the physical and digital realms in which we operate. We enthusiastically share our expertise, exchanging skills, knowledge, and perspectives, all while maintaining a commitment to continuous learning.

How we can provide value

We offer support in various areas, including:

  • Identifying and collaboratively designing brand identities and marketing strategies;
  • Developing websites and digital tools through our in-house team of UX/UI designers and web developers;
  • Enhancing the efficiency of all touchpoints—both digital and physical—in terms of awareness and conversion. This involves creating valuable content, managing campaigns, optimizing existing assets, and conceptualizing new ones.