Città di Torino

LINKS – Leading Inovation and Knowledge for Society

LINKS takes advantage of 15 years of background intellectual properties, competences of ISMB and SITI, two institutions well positioned at the European level and within the research community.

The brand new project of LINKS raise new challenges that its 160 employees have been ready to tackle and to make LINKS a center of excellence. LINKS is an interdisciplinary hub built on top of heterogeneous competences of its team made of people from different education, fields and sectors.

The domains traditionally managed by SiTI concern Logistics and Transport, Territorial Security, Environmental Heritage and Urban Redevelopment. Over the last few years, the Urban Redevelopment Unit has developed an extended experience on social inclusion issues and on the analysis of the impact of the city and urban transformations on health and inequalities, mainly collaborating with public administrations and public health agencies.

ISMB deals with digital innovation, helping companies and public administrations to exploit information and communication technologies in order to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Specifically, the institute has developed internationally recognized skills on the topics of the internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, satellite navigation, of wireless communications and photonics. With regard to social innovation, the institute has collaborations with civic start-ups and works in European research projects, contributing to the achievement of European objectives in terms of social inclusion and environmental sustainability.