LINKS is a Foundation born from an agreement between Politecnico di Torino and Compagnia di San Paolo, that has been operating for about 20 years nationally and internationally in the field of applied research, innovation and technology transfer.

The Foundation oversees technical-scientific disciplines that fall within the fields of engineering and architecture such as, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Data, IoT, Photonics and Satellite Localization to carry out innovative projects in various application sectors: from Industry 4.0 to Cybersecurity, from Intelligent Mobility to Agritech, from Space Applications to Medicine and Well Being, from Smart Cities to Cultural Heritage.

LINKS aims to promote, conduct and enhance innovation processes and research projects that have a public utility purpose and which, based on the results of research conducted also in collaboration with universities, combining with internal transversal and multidisciplinary skills, can create an impact on the territory while remaining in an international context. This includes the desire to attract talent and professionalism from all over the world, creating a point of reference for applied research and for the enhancement of scientific skills.

As a central pivot of the chain of knowledge, a bridge between the academic world and the company, understood as a group of citizens, but also as institutions, public administration, businesses and investors, LINKS has the objective of enhancing the lever of research and innovation , contribute to the growth of the socio-economic system, activate wide-ranging processes and projects with significant impacts on the territory and establish a dialogue with the local, national and international business fabric, with a view to sharing and enhancing knowledge, experience and innovation.