Itinerari Paralleli is a social enterprise. We accompany in the conception, planning and realization of cultural contents and actions of social innovation aggregating complementary competences with a common strong ethical vision.

Each Itinerari Paralleli intervention has its own organizational structure with a project manager and a team of professionals and partners able to interpret at best the objective and the methodology of intervention. This approach allows management control, but also a freedom of involvement and collective intelligence suitable for the challenges of contemporaneity and new processes of work and integrated planning.

Itinerari Paralleli acts on the transformative value of the partnership relationship. In this way, the cultural, social, organizational and economic results obtained from collaboration are always and in any case measured on the capacity of innovation that Itinerari Paralleli can determine in the partner through the integration of knowledge and competences. This transformation, besides giving substance to Itinerari Paralleli’s mission, allows the social enterprise itself to constantly expand its competences and the basis of its planning.