IN Residence is a non-profit cultural association for contemporary design research, which conducts educational activities while supporting and promoting creative talent, making use of Design Thinking as a tool of concrete cultural innovation and therefore of social innovation as well. The action of IN Residence produces a series of thematic workshops, a program of residencies for designers, a sequence of exhibitions and a collection of publications.

In Residence is a project conceived and curated by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò and promoted by Associazione Culturale IN Residence Design

IN Residence organizes a series of workshops, each focusing on a specific theme of investigation, conducted by young and outstandingly talented designers from the international scene. In collaboration with the curators of the project, the Designer-Tutors interact with groups of participants – students, recent graduates, young professionals and people interested in contemporary design – in order to experiment with new creative concepts through dialogue and sharing, and thus offering a truly unique formative experience. The workshops are held in conjunction with international cultural initiatives and events in the field of design and contemporary art.

IN Residence, from 2019 onwards, organizes a program of residencies for young designers. The curators of the project, after selecting one theme of study for each year, invite two designers to live in Turin for a period of time – in the marvelous context of the DUPARC Contemporary Suites – and accompany them through a schedule of visits and encounters in the local territory. The stimuli gathered in this phase are then developed by the designers to generate two distinct original projects, products that will be be exhibited and marketed by some of the most prestigious galleries in this field. The project includes the publication of two separate monographic books for international distribution.

IN Residence organizes a sequence of group exhibitions, seen as opportunities to foster debate around particularly interesting topics for reflection. Starting from a specific theme suggested by the project curators, designers who have taken part in the activities of the program over the years are involved in the design and production of original objects, often presented as one-offs. Installed in evocative settings with special exhibit design, the group shows develop an approach of Design Thinking with a high level of narrative and conceptual content.

IN Residence develops research that is documented in a collection of publications. As a whole, these books illustrate the work of the designers involved in the various activities organized over the years, taking on the role of an editorial platform of introduction to the creative thinking of a generation of young, talented contemporary designers. The “Diaries” series and that of the monographs on individual designers are joined by other critical-thematic publications, all written and edited by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò.

Through its activities IN Residence has supported and promoted the work of creative talents interested in research, experimentation, and the invention of meaningful, poetic design solutions. These designers – always called into play towards the start of their careers – form an extraordinary group, now recognized as outstanding protagonists of a new wave of creativity. Thanks to intense ongoing collaboration with all of them, IN Residence has laid the groundwork for a network of sharing and interaction that is absolutely unique.


In Residence is a project promoted by
Associazione Culturale IN Residence Design

With the contribution of
Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

With the support of
DUPARC Contemporary Suites