The Foundation operates in the Diocese of Turin, the city and the Piedmontese territory; it was established by the Archdiocese of Turin and founded by Archbishop Card. Severino Poletto, acts with its own autonomy and independence. Its work is aimed at people in difficulty, providing tools and accompaniment to help them on their way to full autonomy.

The style with which this objective is pursued is active solidarity, an attitude of vigilance and constant attention to current social events, putting the person at the centre, accompanying them through their projects.

The Foundation’s vision is summed up in three ‘a’ as: Welcoming, Listening, Accompanying.

A few words that sum up attention to the person, activities in the field and the style with which our organisation follows people.

Ultimately, the objective is to support fragile people in their transitions, accompanying them in their access to work, housing and credit, overcoming the logic of the free market alone through which these individuals would not solve their problems and would not realise their projects.

The main activities:

  • Placement in the labour market
  • Temporary residential activity
  • Charity and long-distance support of disadvantaged people
  • Humanitarian reception and integration of migrants
  • Education, education and vocational training
  • Prevention of school drop-outs, bullying and educational poverty
  • Culture of legality, peace, non-violence and unarmed defence
  • Protection of human, civil, social and political rights

The challenge that the Operti Foundation has taken up is to evolve towards a second-level body – an entity open to dialogue and to implementing system projects with other realities in the area that it considers similar or complementary.

The mission therefore assumes that work and enterprise represent the reference point for the emancipation of people without which every path to social inclusion risks becoming yet another proposal for assistance and feeding dependency.