For over 30 years, the Cooperativa impresa sociale Giuliano Accomazzi has been committed to responding to the social, educational and employment needs of the Turin metropolitan area. We have been doing this by working with children, young people and their families, with particular attention to situations of hardship, difficulty and educational poverty, since we feel that the active and supportive community which we believe in needs a solid foundation.
This is why our services provide educational and psychological support as well as help for parenting, with particular attention to youth, intercultural and work policies.

We want to value people, in particular those who turn to our services and our collaborators, to whom we offer stable work and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

We want to value the territory, of which we intercept the needs, and for which we want to promote social, cultural and political development, by seeking dialogue with the inhabitants, public institutions, private social organizations and associations.

With our projects we want to increasingly contribute to the construction of community welfare in a more democratic and inclusive society, promoting active citizenship, competent communities, solidarity; fighting inequalities, discrimination, resentment.