CONSORZIO EQUO PUNTO A CAPO CONSORZIO EQUO SOLIDALE S.C.S. was founded in 2013 as a cooperative of services aimed at the employment of disadvantaged people.

It has been a type B social cooperative since its foundation and is included in the list of Non-Profit Organizations of Social Utility; although it is inspired by the principles of mutuality, it believes that the values of social cooperation must be confronted with the logic of the free market and encourage mutual growth.

Some highlitghts:

  • Active in 12 regions
  • 650 members
  • 1000 families “involved
  • 4 Cooperatives
  • 107 affiliated transfer plants
  • 17 ML€ turnover (2019)
  • 1000 tonnes of waste recovered per year
  • 550 authorised vehicles