The mission of S-nodi is to facilitate communities in the construction of their own models of local sustainable development in their own territories. To serve this goal, S-nodi:

  • Enable the identification of the tools needed to allow the development of the new models and the creation of cooperative networks with other stakeholders who have the same goals.
  • Design the creation and the implementation of tailor-made digital tools and methodologies for social communication and effective co-planning.

The vision of S-nodi is built on the awareness that there is no universal development model, but instead there are many concrete fields of action, animated by concrete people and organizations that face stories, constraints and possibilities and that take effective decisions for the development of concrete places. For this reason, S-nodi invests in individual and collective processes of knowledge-development and of action. S-nodi addresses people and organizations who want to transform their methods of social intervention to improve the management of resources, in particular through innovative collective solutions. S-nodi believes that the ecosystems and the practices of the social and solidarity economy represent the most effective mean to identify and valorise the resources of the territories and to develop community, social, environmental and economic value needed for sustainable development. 

There is no innovation without collaboration, and the digital is an extraordinary enabling factor to learn to build networks and systems that are beneficial for all. For this reason, S-nodi offers, to those who want to activate processes of change, a digital platform, S-nodi Education. It is a school of practices addressed to local communities and to the practitioners of change and of innovation who are interested in models of sustainable models development of community and territorial development. Through S-nodi Education, S-nodi wants to: 

  1. Build a library of practical knowledge on social and solidarity economy developed by the communities. Through this repository it will be possible to disseminate the identity, the specificities, the values, the competences, the choices, the advantages of social and solidarity economy;
  2. Activate the social and solidarity economy labs, custom-designed on the people and on the places, to boost their capacity to design and implement new community services, social businesses and civic engagement.