Codex is a specialist in the design and implementation of services for business creation, social and cultural enterprises, and innovative enterprises: it supports potential entrepreneurs in the development and implementation of the idea, with the awareness that each project must be reasoned and evaluated on its uniqueness, as well as on the actual feasibility and sustainability.

Codex designs and manages laboratories and workshops aimed at the development and emergence of skills related to entrepreneurship, offering training that draws on tools and business models, from the descriptive and economic-financial business plan, to the Business Model Canvas, to the Lean Business Plan.

Codex, in synergy with the entrepreneurship support services, works on the themes of the European Union and local economic development. It has developed and uses methodological tools to listen to local needs, to bring out ideas and projects within the framework of European initiatives and programs, to activate local participatory devices for development and evaluation, to ensure the coherence of projects and actions and facilitate their implementation, to conduct networking actions.

The working group, through careful and constant observation of economic and social phenomena, participation and dialogue, places Codex as a consolidated actor on the territory, able to anticipate and intercept collective needs. The passion and the culture of service, the awareness that it is the people who act the company, are the distinctive features, the value proposition of Codex.