We are a private and independent bank, born from a family history and always linked to the values of its territory.

We have grown over time thanks to the trust of those who have believed in us, creating a set of services and opportunities in constant evolution, to anticipate every day the needs of individuals, families, companies and investors.

The beginning of our history dates back to the period of the great migration of Italians to the United States. The Cebani, as the inhabitants of Ceva are called, were almost all expatriates to the California sun and at that time bank remittances were made to Banco Azzoaglio.

Founded in 1879 by Paolo Azzoaglio, a merchant, landowner and real estate agent, the bank remained linked to the territory of Ceva until the 1960s.

The bank never experienced any major shocks or fears. At the end of the 1920s, several national companies closed their doors, many of them dramatically.

“We came out of it okay, I think because of the fact that Dad was always a prudent man,” says Francesco Azzoaglio, Vincenzo’s son. “I remember that in my family there was a story that Dad was often stopped in the street by some customers who wanted to withdraw their savings to make some investments. Well, Dad didn’t say a word and made them find the money they needed. In this way we managed to overcome the critical period”.

Over the last 60 years, the Banco has gradually become what it is today. The first branch, in Garessio, then the big step in Liguria, the extension of the range of action in the Langhe and Saluzzo area, with the creation of new products and solutions, designed for the real and concrete needs of different customers: families, businesses, young people, investors.

Today Banco Azzoaglio has reached its fourth generation, under the guidance of Erica and Simone, who have opened their first branch in Turin. An important step, a sign of continuous growth.

Through the versatile and user-friendly website and the azzo@glio app, all services are always in the users’ pocket.