Assoetica, an association for social promotion, was founded on 26 May 2021.

The association took the place of an earlier Assoetica, founded on 3 January 2002, which ceased operations on 31 December 2020.

The initial focus of Assoetica was Business Ethics, and then the development of a specific professional figure: the Ethics Officer.

Technology, science, politics, economics and finance pose questions, prompt choices and commitments. To the point of accepting what perhaps we should have understood from the outset: ethics is about life, in all its aspects.

The word ethics itself, however, often appears abused and not infrequently downgraded. Beyond words -ethics, virtue values…-, we seek to act on the assumption of personal and collective responsibility, then promote the assumption of responsibility by every citizen. Be aware that technicians, scientists, professional politicians, and experts of all kinds are none other than citizens, members of the social community, on whom the situation imposes specific civic responsibilities.

A final object of attention is dictated by theories and projects aimed at attributing ethical competences and recognising autogenous moral attitudes to any kind of technical construct, such as Artificial Intelligences and robots. Assoetica is committed to upholding in every forum the principle that ethics is a distinctive characteristic of human beings.

We therefore aim to accompany everyone in bringing to light and giving value to their own, personal ethical position. To assist public or private entities in a virtuous path that leads them to assimilate the new paradigms of Social Responsibility and Ethical Codes with full awareness and effectiveness.

We think that no one should accept that ethics is an empty word. Ethics is the memory of our upbringing, it is what we believe in, it is our own sense of dignity and integrity, it is trust in the future.

Ethics is not implicit in a trend. Ethics is not the task of an institution. It is the contribution of each individual person to building a fair, transparent and supportive society. Society as a whole, and any organisation or company, are the fruit of the actions of different social actors, they are a common construction.

This is much more evident today than it was twenty years ago.
Thus, our approach has gradually broadened, far beyond mere business ethics.

We look at work ethics, citizen ethics.
It is with this spirit and these intentions that Assoetica, an association of social promotion, founded in 2021, works.
We operate in the non-profit sector.