Volontariato Torino – Vol.To ETS is the Volunteer Support Centre of Turin. Vol.To is an umbrella non-profit organization with 160 member organisations and a network of more than 1300 voluntary associations. Vol.To ETS serves as Service Centre for Associations according to the national regulations for volunteering and non-profit sector.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is a future in which the distinctive features of volunteering – free and self-giving, reciprocity and trust, passion and spirit of initiative, responsibility and care for each other – will be a guide for individual and collective challenges.

Our mission is to qualify and support volunteers in order to enable them to seize opportunities and take individual paths of development. For this purpose we develop projects to increase the interest in voluntary works as well as build tailor-made learning paths on the needs of volunteers.

Vol.To ETS works to provide free services (such as training, consultancy, planning assistance) to assist the voluntary associations in the Metropolitan City of Turin.
Thanks to its key position within the volunteering network in Turin and in Italy, Vol.To aims at generating new opportunities for the territory.

Vol.To ETS is also a member of CSVnet, the Italian National Coordination of Service Centres.

Since 2016, Vol.To ETS is also the official Eurodesk Centre of Turin. Eurodesk is one of the most comprehensive and most accessible network – which consists of more than 1.100 local points in 36 European Countries – providing free information for the youth about international mobility opportunities connected with learning, training, volunteering and working and also a first source of free counselling and help for the organisations and the informal groups in order they can approach the European project planning.