Associazione Isnet supports the development of social enterprises by facilitating their relationships with the stakeholders through studies, surveys and research. It has a network of more than 1200 Italian enterprises.

The core mission of Associazione Isnet is to foster a concrete dialogue between social enterprises and their own stakeholders, by promoting and giving the right value to their social dimension jointly with the economic one: with a constant dialogue with its network of social enterprises and other relevant subjects such as trade associations, Isnet works towards the construction of a new economic model inspired from social values and towards the growth of opportunities, initiatives, knowledge and awareness on social business.

Some works

  • Isnet Observatory:

Since 2007, Isnet is carrying out a continuous survey on 400 TSO in Italy. Topics: economic trends and sentiment, relationship capacity; innovation index,

  • Other ad hoc research for Public Entities and Companies:

TSO and finance; Company Welfare; Wellbeing and active aging; Integrative Healthcare, environmental sustainability

  • Social Innovation:

We carried out many projects and interventions on social innovation (directly or indirectly) for the Ministry of Research and University, Ministry of Youth, Ministry for Family Policy; Abruzzo Region, Emilia Romagna Region, Lazio Region, Toscana Region