The Accademia Liuteria Piemontese San Filippo (non-profit cultural association) deals with lutherie, which is the art of crafting musical instruments. The Accademia was born from the ashes of a centuries-old tradition, of which Piedmont, and in particular the city of Turin, should more often boast. The Piedmontese lutherie, in fact, should not envy other schools of excellence: like the Cremonese one, which is represented by famous authors such as Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri, so the Piedmontese school is represented by Fagnola, Rocca, and Pressenda, known throughout the world.

We are lovers of violin making, we look to the future with confidence and we share our passion, passing on the ancient art to those who want to make it theirs.

The Accademia’s activities are mainly focused on training through two-years violin making and guitar making courses. Students learn by doing, under the careful supervision of local Masters. The goal is to train new artisans and to relaunch in Turin a niche of artistic craftsmanship, typically made in Italy, highly sought after especially abroad.

Housed in the beautiful spaces of the Monumental Complex of San Filippo Neri, in the historic center of the city (between the Museo Egizio and Palazzo Carignano), today the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese San Filippo is a well-known and renowned reality on the Italian scene for training in violin making. Finally, within its large spaces, the Accademia organizes advanced training seminars, workshops, masterclasses, musical storytelling, concerts, and educational visits.