1 Caffè Onlus is the first digital onlus created to support small Italian non-profit associations through the dissemination of the culture of the gesture of gift.

The founders of the initiative are Luca Argentero and Beniamino Savio who – together with a group of friends from Turin – were inspired by the Neapolitan tradition of suspended coffee, which invites to leave at the bar a paid coffee to those who cannot afford it. 

On www.1caffe.org we give the possibility to associations to apply for their project, which we will then support for a week with a crowdfunding campaign together with a strategic communication plan.

The use of the crowdfunding mechanism makes it possible to collect from the community donations of individuals that, together, will constitute the disbursement devolved, entirely and in total transparency, to these small and medium-sized solidarity organizations.

Our main headquarters named Campo Base Torino was founded in Turin in 2017 in via Giovanni Prati 2. In 2020 we founded another Campo Base in Montichiari (BS) and we aim to open a new one in Milan.

It is the physical place where third sector entities can meet each other or be known by private individuals. A place where sincere human relationships are cultivated, a place in which to involve oneself in small but important projects.

1 Caffè Onlus has recently been awarded the tender opened by the District 8 of the Municipality of Turin for the Concession of the Villino del Caprifoglio, inside the Valentino Park, in which the new headquarters of Campo Base will be created.

In addition to ordinary activities (meeting supply demand, hours of services offered by the most diverse professional figures, listening to associations and individuals, training and awareness meetings, incubator of new realities in solidarity) a series of special activities will be designed and implemented  thanks to the possibilities offered by the new headquarters.