Explore the interactive map and discover all the actors of Torino Social Impact ecosystem, services and opportunities provided, networks, relationships and projects in which they are involved

The map is designed using Kumu tool starting from the information of the website provided by Torino Social Impact partners.

> Actors are displayed as red nodes and Services as blue nodes
> The different types of relations between the nodes are visible by clicking on the connection
> Using the buttons (+ or ) at the top right of the map you can zoom in and out the map
> By selecting a single map element, connection or node, the side panel will show the profile of that element.
> By clicking on the focus button you can concentrate on a single node of the map, exploring the different levels of connection with the other elements
> Using the search at the top of the map you can find the actors or services, also filtered by tags (as shown in the legend).

Map in full screen is also available in this page.