Today we all know what we eat, we know exactly what we drink, but we have no idea what we breathe. Climate change is raising awareness about air pollution, and people around the world are increasingly interested in tackling the problem from an understanding of the air quality in their city. Wiseair was created to provide an affordable solution to measure, discover, learn, and act against air pollution from the small municipality to the big city district.

Our solution is called IDO and consists of 3 main elements:

  • Proprietary particulate sensors to collect pollution data where it is not available;
  • Web dashboard to support municipalities in decisions to defend and promote a healthy environment;
  • Mobile application to allow citizens to always know the quality of the air they are breathing.

Wiseair creates a real platform for monitoring and defending air quality through direct collaboration with the administrations or through the activation of citizen science projects in which citizens themselves are activated to monitor the air in their city. Wiseair’s mission is never limited to collecting information that is not currently accessible but uses that information to create awareness and bring together urban communities active in clean air advocacy. The IDO air quality platform is our way of promoting action through information: getting authorities to promote new development models for clean air (from mobility to heating management), connecting with local communities, and educating them to be part of the solution.