What is VUC

An innovative approach to urban and regional change

VUC holds that the best urban and regional initiatives are based on actual local needs and opportunities, and the involvement of all key stakeholders driven by a sense of local and community social responsibility.

A community of practice

VUC brings together change-making individuals and organizations in the field of collaborative urban and regional action, through rich conversations on shared challenges and practice, promoting collective learning.

A professional and consulting offer

VUC helps private, public, third sector and community stakeholders in defining their values ​​and strategies, transforming ideas into feasible actions, with social and sustainable local measurable impact.

An open cultural and publishing platform

VUC collects and disseminates stories and voices of successful case studies in which private, community and third sector actors are working together to improve places and communities.

A set of innovative meeting and action formats

VUC develops innovative and unique event formats for meeting, knowledge and matchmaking, to help local stakeholders to exchange and effectively join forces for change.