Torino Urban Lab is an independent association set up to inform about the transformation of Torino and its surrounding metropolitan area. Torino Urban Lab was born in 2005 under the name of Urban Center Metropolitano, thanks to an agreement among the City of Torino, the bank foundation Compagnia di San Paolo and the Torino Internazionale association, framed along the first Strategic Plan development (2000). It is a tool of communication, research and promotion of urban and landscape issues, as well as a place for debate and information for local residents, experts in the field and local businesses.

Torino Urban Lab:

  • keeps you updated, informing interested citizens about urban changes, guiding them through a voyage of discovery in Turin and its surrounding areas, revealing its architecture, its natural areas and their purposes,
  • delves deeper, offering experts and professionals in the field the chance to study in depth the policies, plans and projects of urban transformation, focusing on local knowledge and international  best practices,
  • promotes, and is available to professionals and businesses  interested in discovering urban development strategies and investment opportunities in the city.