“Synesthesia is a results oriented digital experience company. They provide value through their unique and innovative mix of creativity and hands on experience. The business is driven by passion for challenges and love for next generation technology”.

Founded in 2011, Synesthesia is a digital experience company that supports their clients in all  areas of digital transformation. 

Synesthesia provides  web & mobile app development, marketing services and strategic consultancy, they believe in open-innovation and mutually beneficial collaboration with enterprises and startups. 

The main areas of our digital experience company are: Strategy & design, Digital Factory, Marketing & Analytics, Events & Academy, Future & Innovation.

Synesthesia’s growth has been linked directly to their focus on customer needs, sustainable development and employee well-being, plus close attention to the quality of the services they provide.

A “different company” made up of enthusiastic people who share the same values, perspectives and a collaborative working approach.