“We create valuable companies with talented entrepreneurs.”

StarBoost is an entrepreneurial movement that aggregates serial entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and mentors to train, support and enhance talent in the process of creating their own company.

StarBoost expresses its commitment by spreading an innovative methodology of Company Creation that promotes cooperation to create value by protecting all the actors involved in the development of entrepreneurial initiatives.

StarBoost conveys the principles for the construction of a New Economic Model through the StarBoost Academy. It trains aspiring entrepreneurs and startuppers through the Team Creation and Company Creation courses and intercepts advisors, professionals and investors through workshops and vertical courses.

StarBoost proposes a Model of economy, entrepreneurial and values, built from a solid base of principles, including freedom, respect, union, dignity, willingness and commitment to cooperation for the achievement of a shared sustainable and profitable goal. A meritocratic Model of economy in which all those who contribute to a shared project, their results and commitment to work are put to good use and valued. A Fair Economy Model in which each participant is given the opportunity to contribute to the pursuit of common goals in harmony with others and to realize themselves through the achievement of a shared project.