Sport Innovation Hub is a non-profit association, operating in Turin since 2018. Its main goal is to make the sport industry in Piedmont strong, high quality, dynamic and cohesive.

The association originated with the belief that sport is an important engine of development and innovation for the piedmontese area and for its companies. Sport Innovation Hub supports companies and cooperates with institutions in building innovative projects with a high social and economic impact. In addition, the association is committed to education and guidance of the youth, hoping to shed some light on the job opportunities that the sporting world offers, that often go unnoticed.

Women and professionals, athletes and students, collaborators and experts, dedicate their time and resources voluntarily. SIH is a project that keeps on growing day by day, highlighting and promoting technological innovation that originate in the sports industry, comparing different industrial services and local realities.

The following are the goals of SIH. Analyzing policies, regulations and public intervention in support of infrastructure and promoting viable projects for the development of sustainable solutions. Enhancing initiatives in favor of people’s health and well-being, highlighting new exercise model and “active aging” policies (“silver economy”).
Identifying good practices that can lead to the development of a social innovation, where sport facilitate the inclusion of the underprivileged population. Finally, detecting sporting opportunities which allow to promote tourism, internationalization and attraction of investments in the area. Promoting the valorization of personal and professional competencies of the students in the labor market: this can happen by enforcing orientation and the application of new technologies for scholastic inclusion and “dual career” of students/athletes.

Encouraging the creation of synergies between the sporting world and the production world, through new marketing and digital communication strategies.

These goals all together aim to build a new and more comprehensive vision of Sport.