Servizio Emergenza Anziani (S.E.A.) is a voluntary association founded in 1987 in Turin by eleven volunteers.
S.E.A. is one of the 21 territorial centers based in Piedmont and Lombardy regions in the North of Italy, and headquartered in Turin City in the “Crocetta-Centre” district.

It is a group of volunteers who aim to be messengers of hope and consolation for the elderly and their families by offering a free, prompt and discrete aid.

The association strongly believes in solidarity as a comfort for old age and their loneliness, pain and poverty.

The vision is a future where old and young generations are linked together in order to preserve and enhance the human, social and cultural heritage.

Its main activities are:

  • Transport to therapies, medical examinations and public/private offices for formalities
  • Home delivery of drugs and grocery
  • Phone surveillance and physical assistance
  • Personal care
  • Free meals, drugs and grocery; and utilities payment for the poorest
  • Call center services for emergency
  • Events and socio-cultural activities