Seetalabs is an open team of AI engineers, data analysts and domain advisors around the world with the mission of transforming artificial intelligence into an intuitive, fast, ethical, and economical tool aimed at anyone who needs to interpret complexity. Estabilished as innovative startup in Turin in October 2020 Seetalabs develops and provides predictive maintenance tools dedicated to the energy sector.

Our first tool is called RONIN AI (no-lord samurai), a predictive analysis model based on artificial intelligence (AI) capable of indexing the health status of large power transformers (complex machine that transforms the energy produced by power plants for use in homes) with the aim to avoid economic, social and environmental damages caused by unexpected power outages as experienced in Texas in February 2021.

Our goals are simple. Reduce data complexities. Expand human possibilities. We are determined to bring sustainablescalable, and simple solutions on engineering, operations, and management actions by data-driven decisions.