SARGOMMA is specialized in the design, development and production of rubber and plastic components for complex systems, mainly in the automotive, agriculture, industrial, earthmoving and nautical sectors.

With more than 40 years of experience, we export 1/3 of our production to Europe, USA and Latin America, and we collaborate with important partners in best cost countries to always guarantee flexibility and competitiveness.

We use the most advanced technologies to create hybrid, complex and assembled components. In particular, our expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Moulding and co-moulding
  • Die cutting and water jet cutting
  • Extrusion and pre-forming
  • Rapid prototyping

With a view to product and market diversification, in 2021 Sargomma also launched the new SKIN division, born from the meeting between the company and the artist Alessandro Ciffo. SKIN offers silicone coatings for the interior and exterior design sector, partially made from Sargomma’s production waste, combining art, design and eco-sustainability.

The company is currently leading an important redevelopment project of the former Pininfarina plant in Grugliasco, where the production chain will be unified from a strategic, logistical and IT point of view.

Furthermore, in order to create a positive socio-environmental impact and promote a broad company vision oriented towards a shared benefit, Sargomma has recently become a Benefit Company. By doing so Sargomma is committed to paying more and more attention to the environment, stimulating research and the advancement of knowledge, and promoting the integration of young people, women and all those with different opportunities to access the workplace, as true protagonists of the future.