The Cooperative was founded in 1981 by a group of volunteers from various backgrounds; they decided to provide services and promote activities in favor of needy children. Today “San Donato” is a no-profit organization that manages residential and territorial educational services for children, young people, foreigners and adults with disabilities. Whit legal headquarter in Turin, we operate on local level, with local offices and services in various nearest towns.

In accomplish with Statute, the Cooperative is governed and disciplined by mutual-aid principles without private speculation. Our mission is giving continuity of employment opportunities in the best economic, social and professional conditions: operating in the general interest of the community to the promotion human and to the integration of the citizens, through the management of social and health services, welfare and education. (Article 3 of the Statute)

The Cooperative develops actions highly oriented by ethical values, centered on the people needs.

Fundamental value is the satisfaction of the clients and recipients of projects.