Redrim is an innovation laboratory, based in Turin, offering companies the tools to innovate their production processes in a sustainable and inclusive way.

We are a cooperative society since 2014 formed by a multidisciplinary team. We include digital technology experts, architects, visual & sound designers, senior coaches, interaction & visual designers, corporate leadership and management training experts, legal consultants, strategic marketing and business organisation specialists, and social impact evaluators. A team diversified by background, age, geographical origin and personality, united around a common vision: to put the person at the centre of design in order to shape a future in which innovation and technology are at the service of the community.

We offer our customers a path capable of accompanying them from the first design phase, starting from the clarification of internal/external needs, passing through support in the search for funding (by participating in calls for proposals), to the testing of the prototype and the actual implementation.

The multidisciplinary nature of our team allows us to design by drawing inspiration from different sources and disciplines in a continuous contamination

    Redrim’s dna is profoundly digital: technological innovation and digital transformation are the predominant focus of our projects; throughout the entire process of accompanying innovation, our consultants use highly qualified technological resources and tools.
    The principles and tools of Otto Scharmer’s Theory U allow us to break out of the usual patterns and look at reality with new eyes. They are our source of inspiration for designing and leading paths of cultural transformation/transition at individual, group and organisational level.
    We offer support to fine-tune, through a comprehensive analysis, the compliance of new services – starting with privacy regulations – in order to reduce risks, implement appropriate organisational arrangements and improve efficiency.