Re Learn srl is an italian innovative start-up founded in 2021 in Turin. We develop technological solutions to improve the waste management process. The main product is Nando, an intelligent waste bin that automatically sorts the waste placed inside it. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Nando recognises the waste and sorts it into the correct compartment.

What is our mission? IMPROVE waste management with technology.

  • SIMPLIFY waste sorting by making it automatic, accessible and fast.
  • INNOVATE by using artificial intelligence to make cities more sustainable and people more aware.
  • REDUCE CO2 emissions and operating costs due to unethical disposal practices.

Who are we?
A team of young engineers with a desire to use the skills they have acquired in their university and work years to contribute at the forefront of a greener, more sustainable world.

What is our vision?
To create a new circular supply chain that sets an example for everyone in the world, where waste is a resource and sustainable cities the rule.

Nando is not just a high-tech product, but a vehicle for creating virtuous practices. Correct sorting means reducing CO2 emissions and Re Learn aims to reward companies that actively work to reduce their environmental impact. The service offered includes an initial audit of the company’s CO2 emissions and their offsetting with the subsequent award of a Carbon Neutrality certificate.

Re Learn also includes the creation of a network of virtuous companies that embrace the circular economy model and the issuing of vouchers to be spent in zero-waste and package-free shops to be distributed to users as a reward mechanism for reducing the fraction of unsorted waste.