Progetto Tenda is a social cooperative founded in 1999 to promote supporting and aid programs of fragile and vulnerable people towards autonomy.

Every day, for over 20 years, the cooperative has been working with immigrants, unaccompanied foreign minors, women – single and with children – victims of trafficking aimed at sexual exploitation, homeless people and vulnerable families, spreading the culture of hospitality and solidarity.

The mission of Progetto Tenda is to improve the lives of people in difficulty and at risk by supporting the encounter between people, natives and migrants, women and men, aiding every individual path and every choice and facilitating the possibility for people to self-determine in the construction of their own life, regardless of sexual and religious orientation, ethnic or political belonging.

The cooperative believes that understanding diversity is the key to accomplish its vision: a more peaceful, more open and fairer society, in which equal rights are guaranteed for all.

Progetto Tenda has gained a clear conviction: social impact assessment is the tool to measure, in non-economic terms, the change that itself generates. 

For this reason, the cooperative has embarked on a path that will gradually allow it to get the necessary tools to do so. 

Joining the Torino Social Impact platform is part of this path, in which the action promoted within the organization wants to open up and grow stronger thanks to the comparison with an ecosystem of public and private entities that have decided to share this very necessary challenge.