Politecnico di Torino was the first Italian Engineering School, founded as School for Engineers in 1859, it then became Regio Politecnico di Torino in 1906. Engineers, architects, designers and urban planners have been trained at Politecnico di Torino for over 160 years with rigor, integrity and high-level standards.

Now more then ever, Universities are called to cover a leading role in fighting inequality. Research and teaching directly affect society, and can be intended to design solutions to the ever-growing challenges due to the current economic crisis, health emergency and socio-economic context.

Politecnico is focused on impact and committed to enhancing all activities affecting society.
Among these activities PoliTO for Society (“PoliTO per il Sociale”) is a planning initiative on public outreach with a social impact.

PoliTO for Society explores and promotes forms of research-action that, with a transformative intent, are engaged in co-designing new models of sustainable, equal, and inclusive social development and in removing barriers – whether cultural, cognitive, physical, economic, or social – to people’s full participation in the life of communities. The project is intended to represent PoliTO responsible attitude and to highlight its skills and expertise in the social context among citizens, social organisations, and social enterprises.