Plastiz is an Italian startup initiated in response to the environmental and social emergency arising from plastic waste inundation. A tangible contribution to circular economy processes through the exploitation of discarded plastic materials, and the production of compacted planks and sheets of high quality, and aesthetic value

In order to raise awareness about the “plastic issue” Plastiz promotes among citizens, businesses, and institutions a new paradigm of perception about plastic, through processes, products, and educational workshops

Plastiz is a company with zero impact on Planetary resources. The plastic materials that are recycled otherwise would end up in most cases dispersed in nature, committed to the dump or burned. The recycling process gives a second life to these precious materials, by converting them into recyclable surfaces, finishing panels and items of furniture. Moreover, the production activity is powered only with renewable energies.

Plastiz organizes training activities for schools, companies and institutions, where the ethics of responsibility is encouraged and the tools for a conscious management of plastic wastes are provided. The Workshop consists of an introduction on plastic materials, and their history and diffusion, and a creative laboratory that reproduces the recycling process.