We deal with communication and territorial development at the service of the mountains and the country’s inland areas. We were born in March 2022, but we have a long experience of cultural planning behind us, gained through the APS Kosmoki.

We are based in Turin, but our major developments have been in the Stura di Demonte Valley in the province of Cuneo. The spark was lit in 2007 with the first edition of the Nuovi Mondi Film Festival, which immediately earned the appellation (of which we have always been very proud) of ‘the smallest mountain film festival in the world’. It was true. We are passionate about cinema and audiovisual languages, we love the mountains, and the festival was held (and still is held) in Valloriate, a small village of 80 inhabitants not far from Borgo San Dalmazzo, where the Stura Valley narrows and approaches the French border. It seemed crazy, a game, but no. Thanks to Nuovi Mondi, we started to look around us with different eyes, to ask ourselves what we could do for an area undergoing a strong demographic, social and cultural crisis, seemingly destined to disappear.

Through Kosmoki, in collaboration with the municipal administration, we began to build relationships with the territory, institutions, and banking foundations. Hence the first calls for proposals, the first projects, the first results. The festival has become a reference point for other cultural initiatives and Kosmoki has worked to give birth to realities such as Montagnam, Valle Stura Experience, and the Rifai Network.

Our goal now is to export the experience gained so far to other territories. The ‘inland areas‘, in other words, are the most peripheral Italian municipalities, in terms of access to essential services (health, education, mobility). The smaller they are, the more peripheral they are, the more easily they risk disappearing from the map. With all their baggage of life, economy and history. We work to ensure that this does not happen. The legend of David against Goliath does not have to be a legend.