Panacea Social Farm is a social cooperative that has been producing bread and bakery products since 2017 through a sustainable production chain. The aim is to create well-being for those who produce the bread, those who consume it, and the environment in which we live.

Well-being for those who produce the bread because the cooperative aims to create job opportunities that promote dignified work, particularly for the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups.

Well-being for those who consume it because Panacea is born with the intention of offering good bread in every sense, using only the wheat from the Stupinigi supply chain and natural leavening with sourdough.

For the protection of the environment because by sourcing from the supply chain and local small producers, it generates less traffic on the roads and less environmental pollution.

Moreover, Panacea organizes part of its production using methods based on the circular economy, reusing unsold bread and using raw materials that could be considered “waste” but are rich in nutrients and characteristics that make the final product truly special (an example is the draff resulting from the processing of barley malt to obtain beer).

The cooperative consists of a bakery, 3 bakeries in Turin, and one in Stupinigi.