We are a non-economic public body that carries out its activity under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice.

The professional organization attributes to us, ex lege, the following functions:

  • Representation, within the territorial area, of the Registered Members and promotion of relations with Local Authorities
  • Supervision of compliance with professional law and all other provisions governing Profession
  • Register of the Special List and of the Special Section dedicated to companies among Professionals – Issue of the relative certifications and certificates
  • Register of Practitioners – Issuing of the relevant certifications and certificates
  • Verification of the maintenance of the legal requirements and compatibility with the Members
  • Opinions on the settlement of fees (for the pre-repeal of the professional fee, starting from 24 January 2012); congruity opinions to the ministerial parameters, established by Decree 140/2012, in force since 23 August 2012
  • Disciplinary function, in particular, the proceedings in place at the date of establishment of the Territorial Disciplinary Board (26 September 2013)
  • Continuous professional training
  • Professional training school for professionals and trainees