Open Incet, the Open Innovation Center of the city of Turin, is a physical and virtual platform for the meeting between demand and supply of innovation.

Open Incet is an example of a private-public partnership, led by the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation, which intends to promote and accelerate the local ecosystem for social innovation and build connections internationally.

The Center presents itself as a laboratory for open innovation to support the transformation of ideas, research and technology into shared value for the territory and its economic and social actors. Through the practice of open innovation practices, Open Incet intercepts and analyzes the demand for innovation, promoting new forms of interaction (reorganization, hybridization and contamination between their functions) and social entrepreneurship among the main territorial actors (public administration, enterprise, academy, associations and third sector organization) to find new answers to current needs, generate value and social impact.

Open Incet designs supports and develops projects for the generation of ideas, the creation of creative communities and the acceleration of projects and innovative companies with high potential for social impact.