Design, enhance, educate, disseminate and connect: these are the principles on which OFF TOPIC is based, the cultural hub of the city of Turin, a project of the Turin Youth Centre.

A bet and an adventure for the TYC board – formed by the cultural associations The Goodness AC, Cubo Teatro and Klug APS – which in 2017 chose to invest, with its own resources and thanks to the support of the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Turin, on the restructuring of spaces for the creation of a new reference point for the city.

The Torino Youth Center is a second-level association made up of 12 realities between associations and companies, recognized by the Municipality of Turin as a Center for Youth Protagonism. Through a network planning, it coordinates the operation, activities and spaces of Via Pallavicino 35, making OFF TOPIC a cultural hub and home to:

  • Training activities (courses, workshops, conferences) and co-working
  • Artistic residencies
  • Live music, theatre, screenings, readings and off events of city reviews
  • Social activities and promotion of the territory
  • Spaces available to organize social activities and cultural events.