The National Third Sector Forum is a recognized social part.
It was officially established on June 19, 1997.

It represents over 80 national second and third level organizations – for a total of over 94,000 territorial offices – which operate in the areas of Volunteering, Associationism, Social Cooperation, International Solidarity, Ethical Finance, Fair Trade of our Country.

The Third Sector Forum has as its main objective the enhancement of the activities and experiences that the towns and citizens autonomously organized carry out on the territory to improve the quality of life, of the communities, through paths, including innovative ones, based on equity, social justice, subsidiarity and sustainable development.

The main tasks:
– social and political representation vis-à-vis government and institutions;
– Coordination and support for interassociative networks;
– the communication of values, projects and requests from organized entities of the Third Sector.

On the basis of a pact consistent with the national one, the Third Sector Forum in Piedmont was also formed, formally established in 1999.
The Third Sector Forum in Piedmont, regional division of the National Third Sector Forum, was recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies – with its 5,737 Third Sector Entities (ETS) members – as the most representative subject of the Third Sector in Piemonte.