Mo.Ve ASD is an association founded in the spring of 2020, from the awareness that sport is a fundamental part of our lives and for this reason is committed to ensuring that all people have the opportunity to practice it.

The association aims to generate wealth for the city community, promote equity, foster social inclusion, active citizenship and participation.

In particular, by accompanying the regeneration of Turin’s Motovelodrome, Mo.Ve. wants to:

  • create a new multi-sport hub with a wide range of sports activities suitable for different age groups, a lively cultural programming and continuous opportunities for active participation, aimed at the population residing in the area in which the structure is inserted and, in general, to the citizens of Turin, with particular attention to children, the elderly (> 65) and the most fragile categories;
  • create an innovative and sustainable governance model that stands out as a virtuous and replicable example of sports management capable of positively combining for-profit and non-profit to meet the needs of citizens and generate well-being for the entire community;
  • remove obstacles to access to daily sports practice and therefore the resulting social, structural and educational economic limitations;
  • create a heterogeneous community of practice by age, gender, socio-economic and cultural conditions, which recognizes itself in the lifestyle and values inspired by the sport promoted by the project (physically identified in the Motor Speedway) and that lasts and expands over time;
  • to bring new targets and specific users at risk of exclusion for fragility, age, origin, physical condition, socio-cultural or economic;
  • contribute to combating gender differences in access to sport, activating specific courses and ensuring equal access to males and females;
  • contribute to combating the phenomenon of educational poverty by increasing the supply of courses accessible to minors;
  • contribute to combating social exclusion by proposing cultural paths that bring new forms of social interaction to favor the inclusion of vulnerable individuals through an experience of active citizenship.