MinD is a cultural association born in Turin in 2019 that works in response to situations of discomfort and marginalization in the field of mental fragility. Since 2014, MinD has been implementing creative, multidisciplinary, and inclusive projects that act on two aspects of design: on the one hand, the project as a tool for transforming the context for the better, and on the other hand, the creative process as a system of relationships that result in practices of social inclusion and rehabilitation.

Through the direct participation of people followed by mental health services, MinD is the place where you can experiment and verify the results of a design culture understood as a creative process. The participatory dimension of design makes it an effective tool for social inclusion, a generator of relationships aimed at enhancing the other, and a valuable ally of the rehabilitation strategy. MinD aims at offering the younger generations a vision of their professional future closer to the needs of society, free and unprejudiced, and to offer people at the margins an opportunity to get out of isolation, enhancing their resources.

MinD is a cultural space for training, work, and social inclusion. It articulates in a series of workshops and side events, in which an inclusive and multidisciplinary approach to the design of places of mental distress is tested. Born in 2014 from an idea of the architects Giulia Mezzalama and Sandra Poletto and the psychologist Elena Varini, it is promoted by Camplus, an international network of university colleges of merit, with Blu Acqua, a company active in the field of psychiatric residency, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo and the collaboration of university institutions, organizations, and companies.