MERCATO ITINERANTE allows you to shop from the local market at home by pc or mobile
From a single merchant MERCATO ITINERANTE works to create one team of merchants, exacly as the GDO does, including logistic and delivery.
This project offers you numerous advantages that help citizens and business partners, as well as the city itself.
  1. Our logistic point is located within the market area which  reduces logistical steps.
  2. Empowers the merchants through their involvements (they know their products best);
  3. Farmers/ Merchants allow us to guarantee particularities that make the service unique. One above all is the possibility of choosing the ripeness of some fruit and vegetable products, cleaning fish, cutting meat, packaging cheeses and cold cuts, precisely because the products are processed on the spot.
Innovative aspects that characterize the business – the digitalization of markets, the ability to make traders 2.0.
The functionality of the site that allows the customer to shop as if they were in the front of the market’s stall.
Last, but not the least: for companies the possibility of invoicing all the desired products from the market. Possibility for some businesses to have delivered the goodswithin a few hours from the order