LINK is the innovative e-scooter sharing service launched in 2020 and designed by Superpedestrian, a leading micro-mobility tech company founded in 2013 by Boston MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

LINK is the first company in the world in its field with a completely vertical integration: from the design to the production of the vehicle, to the management of all end-to-end operations.

At LINK employs over 400 people in 10 countries, 20% of whom are engineers.

This product is the result of years of research and test drives. LINK holds over 40 patents for pioneering safety technologies: design, software, technology and comfort have been researched and perfected over time.

LINK is today the safest, most durable and sophisticated electric scooter sharing in the world present in over 50 cities worldwide and with a strong presence (over 60% of the global fleet) in the European market.

LINK applies to its scooters the innovative Vehicle Intelligence Safety system, an integrated platform that monitors in real-time the status of the entire vehicle. Moreover, through a self-diagnosis before each ride, VIS is able to perform a quick scan of the vehicle, detecting in advance possible problems and blocking the scooter before the ignition.