Lead to change!

Limo is the perfect blend of a management consulting firm and a communication agency.

We have gained cross-industry experience working with large organizations, SMEs, non-profits, and startups. This enables us to bring our clients a global perspective, multidisciplinary expertise, and apply disruptive methods to business models. We know how to lead companies and organizations through change and growth with tailored communication strategies.

How we help organizations grow

We help our clients grow through tailored paths for the challenges they are facing.

  • Innovation: for those planning a spin-off or launching new products or starting a startup or new entrepreneurial project.
  • Transformation: for those confidently facing the phase of business transformation: from digitizing processes to cultural and organizational change.
  • Expansion: for those aiming to grow and expand their customers, their team, or enter new market segments.

We do this by bringing value in the areas of marketing, sales, HR, and ESG.