LifeGate was founded in 2000, stemming from the experience of the Roveda family, which had been built in the 1980s with Fattoria Scaldasole. Regarded as a reference point for sustainability in Italy, it now boasts a community of over 5 million people.

LifeGate supports businesses in enhancing their sustainability through consultancy, strategic communication and participation in environmental projects. Through its media network, it provides individuals with information and practical tools to enable them to embrace sustainability in their everyday choices. Furthermore, LifeGate offers everyone the opportunity to choose Italian renewable energy and achieve a Zero Impact home. In 2021, LifeGate Way was established, dedicated to startups, and in the realm of education, LifeGate Education was conceived. In 2023, LifeGate Impact was introduced, a new unit that consolidates all the sustainability consultancy services that LifeGate has been offering to businesses since 2000.