Kermasofia is a project created with the aim of contributing to a cultural and social change to achieve gender equality. Through ad hoc financial education courses, it intends to contribute to making women stronger and more aware in their economic choices.

Let’s start with a fact: Italy is the penultimate OECD country in terms of levels of financial literacy, with an even more pronounced cultural gap for women (only 1 out of 4 women is financially literate). In our country, there is a worrying level of female non-employment: 45% of women between 25 and 65 years of age do not have a regular job; moreover, speaking of employed women, there is a very high gender pay gap of up to 30% for the same tasks and skills.

Added to all this is a further fact: as of today, 37 per cent of Italian women do not have a personal current account.

Things can and must change, and we are here to respond to a need that exists even if it makes no noise, to encourage and foster the process also for the benefit of future generations.

Kermasofia SRL addresses individuals directly and also works with companies, associations, social cooperatives and third sector organisations that share its values.