We are a sustainable catering cooperative, which operates with the aim of encouraging and accompanying the employment of migrants in the Turin area.
In order to achieve a concrete and effective integration, we believe that it must take place during the whole process: both in the working environment, within a team and a professional kitchen, and in domestic social contexts, with the users of our catering service, and on the table, in the creation of varied menus, which are able to witness different identities.

Sustainability is the value we have chosen as a guide for our project and it will also be the limit within which we will make our choices. This value is accepted and realized in its triple form of:

Environmental Sustainability – in the careful choice of seasonal raw materials, in the creation of a list of selected suppliers and in the attention to minimizing the use of packaging and plastic.

Social Sustainability – in the operational inclusion of people in difficulty and in raising awareness of a choice of consumption and food consciousness.

Economic Sustainability – in the commitment to generate growth and income for working members.