iThanks is an automated food deadline control and store performance meter app developed for supermarkets, grocery stores, corners stores, hypermarkets and any other stores or business with expiring products.

The benefits of using iThanks:

  1. Time savings for checking deadlines. iThanks reduce by more than 80% the time for deadline checking per month. Actually, this kind of operation is enterally done manually and it needs a checking of 2 or 3 times per week by the personnel wasting a lot of time.   In addition, iThanks, revolutionize the working method because the app will alert the personnel what product is in expiring and in which section is.
  2. Specific economic losses monitoring due food waste. Thanks to the analytics iThanks process, which until now was impossible to obtain, it is possible to control a single product, a group of products, a sector or the entire store, identifying which products generate most loss, so as to improve performances.
  3. Reduction food waste. Thanks to automatic food deadline of iThanks, it is possible to know in advance which product are expiring due to plan commercial action and measures.
  4. Waste reduction. In only three months, iThanks reduce almost the 50% of food waste, helping the store, the business and the planet too.

iThanks can be implemented in pharmacies, drug store, pet food store and hospital.