Italy’s culinary and gastronomic tradition offers an extensive range of 100% vegan and plant-based recipes that are just waiting to be valued and presented to the general public. This is the goal from which Mindful Morsel, a brand of Italia Plant Based Srl Società Benefit, was born.

We think about the future, but without forgetting our roots and the best Italian tradition

Italy’s culinary tradition is not ashamed of its most humble and poor origins, with its abundance of vegetables and legumes and its anti-waste recipes. Mindful Morsel knows this and offers a wide selection of typical Italian products, vegan and eco-friendly, in strictly sustainable and recyclable curated boxes.

Mindful Morsel is not only aimed at people already used to following a vegan or vegetarian diet, but also at those who want to significantly reduce the consumption of foods of animal origin and those who want to introduce healthy, natural and local ingredients into their diet. Mindful Morsel strongly believes in the mixture of the widespread love for Italian cuisine, known all over the world, and the contemporary desire to easily access a natural and plant-based diet.

“Vegan” is not just a word, but an ecosystem of responsibility and commitment

Mindful Morsel does not like the idea of greenwashing and does not see sustainable and eco-friendly nutrition as a passing trend. That’s why it’s not just Mindful Morsel’s food products that are eco-sustainable and responsible, but the whole system in which the brand moves is: from packaging to the support given to local producers, from the choice of having a carbon neutral site and shipping to the commitment to favor female entrepreneurs throughout the supply chain.