ImpactGate is an integral sustainability Consulting Center that brings an integrated approach to sustainability to your company as a lever of innovation and competitive advantage.

The experience and the vertical expertise of the ImpactGate partners brings you the right tools to implement the sustainability on fundamental aspects for your corporate business, such as management systems, policies and operating practices.

The range of services is designed ad hoc for each customer based on his needs to develop the most suitable model of sustainability. The path provides the company with information on its activity thanks to a diagnosis of the strengths and margins for improvement (assessment phase).

Based on the emerging results, an action plan is co-designed to implement integral sustainability on corporate ESG issues through

  • the development of ESG improvement actions
  • support towards the transformation into a Benefit Company
  • the B-Corp® certification

ImpactGate offers its consultancy in the field of reporting for SMEs that intend to exploit the results obtained through:

  • impact report: a tool to tell and account for your being a Benefit Company
  • sustainability report: a transparent reporting and communication document, which must collect data referring to company performance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts

ImpactGate is an initiative of E.S.A. HoldingSocialFare and Brainscapital, 3 realities with vertical expertise in their respective ESG sectors driven by a common goal: to promote the culture of sustainable development as a strategic lever for Italian companies.