Il vaso di Sarepta ODV is a voluntary association that operates in Turin. Active as an informal group since 2017, the association was established in March 2019 with the aim of developing forms of intervention, in all its meanings and interpreted in the light of the historical conditions of an evolving society, capable of proposing solutions and paths of change and social inclusion in favor of disadvantaged subjects due to physical, mental, economic, social, family or any other kind of conditions. In our view, helping means knowing how to listen; give material assistance through simple and primary goods; go beyond assistance by creating paths that lead to progressive autonomy.

This vision is expressed in the activities that we carry out every day.

  • Sportello Sarepta counter, the first moment of contact and knowledge with those who turn to our association.
  • A food support program, through which to provide first concrete and immediate aid.
  • A social tailoring and a social garden that allow you to go beyond assistance by creating the conditions for starting paths of empowerment and social awareness.