IDT is a company that aims to study and implement automation in the industrial process based on Open-Source technology and able to enhance and push the ideas of young makers.

A company with a specific Mission: “We think differently, outside the box. We develop industrial technology using control systems and Open-Source software with an innovative approach. We integrate new Open-Source technologies by listening to the needs of industrial processes and shaping automation solutions strongly oriented to the IoT connection. We are changing standards: from product to integrated solution”.

The average age of our group is under 26 with young people aged 20 to 30.
This is our real strength: the new vision that this generation combines with the experience of those who know industrial processes. This has allowed us to develop industrial automations that have been installed in the production flow: assemblies, ultrasonic robotic welders, robotized gluing, all using control systems industrialized by IDT starting from the Arduino and Raspberry platforms.

Starting from the first customer who believed in the possibility of introducing these technologies in their production process, the customers have always increased and, albeit with some initial perplexity, more and more customers are approaching these technologies, mainly in the Automotive Production Line.

The transformation of products from maker material to industrial devices took place mainly thanks to the electronic skills that have grown within us and to the software development skills that have developed to the point that we feel the need to create a division by lines internally. of product development to which distinct brands have been dedicated: the first for the embedded part and the second for the Integrated Automation systems.

The third division arises from the need to take automation outside of industry and serve the social sector.